TestDome.com is a fast-growing company offering automated work-sample testing of candidates to companies. We started with testing programmers and are now expanding to other non-programming job roles. About 70% of our 1,500+ customers are from English-speaking countries. The remaining 30% are spread across the rest of the world.
Our testing philosophy is that doing well on a sample of work is the strongest predictor for doing well on the job itself. That’s why the majority of our questions ask candidates to do something.
We need someone to help with finding and managing outside experts who will create and review questions for new non-programming domains. A rough list of your responsibilities is:
  • Recruit external (global) experts as content collaborators (authors and/or reviewers).
  • Sell them the idea of TestDome and motivate them to work with us in their spare time.
  • Coach them on what makes a good work-sample question.
  • (Time) Manage authors during question creation.
  • Provide feedback based on TestDome standards for questions.
  • Collect feedback from reviewers and work with authors on improving the questions.
You need to have prior management skills. More specifically, we expect that you are:
  • Data driven, as the entire process needs to be driven by data: which domains to enter, finding experts, assessing questions, etc.
  • Able to make people enthusiastic about work-sample-based testing.
  • Analytical, so you can quickly learn new domains deep enough to discuss them with experts and identify fundamental skills separating solid candidates from those who are not good enough.
  • Able to design and execute a process for completing the required work in time.
  • Fluent in English.
We will treat you exceptionally well. You dont need to come to the office. If you want, you can work in your flip-flops from the beach. Our current 40+ content collaborators are spread across the world. All eight of us at TestDome telecommute and get together every few months.
Salary range: 32,000-46,000 USD per year
So, are you ready to take the challenge? Apply by taking a short 5-10-min test here:https://www.testdome.com/apply/gjrr8u4ird

To apply for this job please visit the following URL: https://www.testdome.com/apply/gjrr8u4ird →