Nedap is a Dutch company, based in Groenlo, with over 700 employees, but that doesn’t matter that much. What really matters is that it feels small. We work in small groups, each group has their own culture and vibe. And within those groups we work in teams, so working at Nedap feels a bit like working in a small company, but with big resources. The best of both worlds.
A little over fourteen years ago Nedap healthcare was born. Founded by a spirited individual that had an eye for simplicity and a drive for success, Healthcare’s first product was a small time-tracking device for nurses with a single button. Hardware has always been in Nedap’s DNA, evolving in the preceding eighty plus years from mechanical to electrical devices that started to include or be connected to more and more software.
Nowadays, Nedap Healthcare builds mostly software, both for the web and mobile platforms. We help nurses, doctors, and patients manage their daily life by allowing them to focus on what is important.
Over the years we have developed quite a bit of infrastructural gems that all of our applications use. These gems help our developers build upon the shared knowledge of others to quickly and securely build applications. These gems deal with session management, authorization, shared design assets, and more.
Up until now, these gems were maintained by the group, but as we are growing (both in people and in codebases), this is becoming more of a challenge. We are looking for someone to take the reins. Someone to take all of these gems under their wings and make them shine.
Are you an excellent communicator and interested in helping others work more efficient by creating awesome tooling? We are looking for someone just like you!
We are looking for someone who has a fair bit of experience with Ruby (and Rails), who is comfortable maintaining and adapting existing code, but also doesnt hesitate to throw it all away and start from scratch if that is what the situation requires.
Nedap builds solutions for the healthcare industry, so a mindset of creating secure and stable software is greatly appreciated. Are you interested in becoming part of our team, we would love to talk!
This position is remote or on-site (we will support your relocation and visa application). Dutch is not a requirement for this position.

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