Our company runs
on data. We have alotof data, and a lot of people
looking at that data.
For most areas of
our business, there are systems, processes, and tools in place to extract,
transform, load, read, visualize, and query data from many different sources.
Recently, a new
business unit joined our family. This business is thriving and its customers
are very happy. There is alotof data here, too, but
there are few systems, processes, or tools in place to handle this data.
This is where you
come in.
We are kicking off
the process of building new reporting systems for this business, and you will
be the first data engineer working on this project.
This is a unique
opportunity to have a lot of control over a greenfield project, yet at the same
time join a well established team with many other experienced engineers who
have solved similar problems.
This is a very
long term project, very well funded, and we are committed to making the best
technical choices while solving problems that will increase business value and
make many people very happy.
Specifically, the
person hired for this role will:
  • Work closely with
    business and engineering stakeholders to understand reporting needs
  • Work closely with
    a Data Architect to design a complicated reporting system
  • Work with other
    engineers to choose a platform for implementing that reporting system (full
  • Create a suite of
    processes for ingesting data from a dozen different internal and external data
  • Choose or build
    querying and visualization tools
  • Rinse, repeat, and
    have lots of fun with data!

  • Strong computer
    science fundamentals
  • Software
    engineering experience
  • Experience
    producing and consuming event driven data
  • Experience
    building scalable and reliable data pipelines
  • Understanding of
    structured and unstructured data design and modeling
  • Passion for data
    engineering automation and efficiency
  • Experience with
    technologies like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Spark, Hadoop
  • Familiar with AWS
    services and data process frameworks
  • MS in Computer
    Science or equivalent work experience
  • Knowledge of ad
    serving platforms and online advertising systems is a huge plus.

CafeMedia is an equal opportunity employer.